Specializing in all facets of Marine Construction! Supreme work ethic, Quality Construction and Premium Materials are some of the things that separate us from our competitors. We take all the pride in the world in our work and it Shows! Don't short change yourself by hiring the cheapest contractor instead of examining what kind of value you are actually getting... Bulkheads, boat houses and docks are large projects that you don't want to take lightly. You want to make sure that your getting quality construction that will last!! Take a look at our work and talk to some of our customers and you'll quickly see why we are the Best in the Business... Elite Excavation & Bulkheads!

New and Replacement Bulkheads as well as Bulkhead Repairs all around the Greater Houston Area including Lake Houston!! Click one of these three links to learn more about the type of construction that you are needing and to view Before and after pictures of  some of our marine construction projects!!

Bulkhead Repair and Straightening!

Also Specializing in Repair of Existing Bulkheads! Although not every bulkhead can be repaired, some are good candidates for repair depending on the issue that is occurring. Call now to set up a free Inspection and evaluation of your bulkhead to see if  a Marine Construction repair is feasible and let our expertise guide you to getting the problem corrected the Right way! Its absolutely critical for longevity that repairs be done correctly or you will be left with another problem in a very short time after "repairing" . Dont trust just anyone for your repair, Hire the professionals and get it done RIGHT the first time!!