electrical trenching with backhoe
mini excavator for trenching houston
excavator trenching

Elite Excavation is Highly Qualified with over 20 Years of Experience to handle any type of Excavation Trenching or compaction project you may have!!

We Specialize in all sorts of excavation and Trenching projects including Utility Trenches for Water, Irrigation, Electrical, Gas, Storm Drains and sewer systems. This includes commercial and residential excavation and Trenching for new installation or repair of old existing lines. Sewer lines often require repair for lines that have been improperly installed & back filled with flat spots or "Bellys" in them. It is Important to dig properly to grade and not over dig because without proper compaction under your pipe, your sewer system will eventually back up or reveal damage later on after installation.

Elite Excavation specializes in super clean, very efficient Trenching of Footings or grade beams for foundations and Block walls. Bucket widths of 12",18", 24" and 30" are always carried with the equipment for use. Of course, any size or width trench may be achieved if desired by customer, or required by design.

With a Trench Safety Awareness Certification for 2011 and not a single injury since our conception in 1997, you can rest assured that  your trenching will be Clean, Efficient and excavated Safely for you and your employees to enter!!

Utility Trenching!!

trenching through trees with mini excavator
An Excavation through trees. Notice how clean it is...
fire service line trenching houston
This View shows how effective the mini excavator can be in tight spaces
trenching a 45 degree turn
Nice clean 45 degree dig through a lot of roots...
clean straight trenching
Nice straight ditch with clean spoils piles
radius trenching
Nice clean radius dig with clean spoils piles
Trenching with existing fiber optic lines parallel to the ditch
Excavation next to Existing Fiber Optics!! Experience!

Fire Water Service line Excavation!!

Before trenching the woodlands
Before Excavation of fire service line
trenching for fire line
Existing 24" Un marked Concrete Water main
trenching exposing a 24" unmarked water main
trenching benched for safety
Sandy Loose Area was "benched" for worker safety!
trenching The woodlands

The area was back filled and graded after the lines were installed, pressure tested and inspected.

back fill after gtrenching
clean up after back fill of trenching
grading after trenching and back fill
grading and clean up after trenching

Re-Trenching Excavation!!

trenching that caved in due to heavy rain
A Trench that caved in from Heavy Rain
Straddling trench to re dig
Straddling Trench to re-excavate!
after re trench
ready for pipe again

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