Tree Clearing oak tree damaged by lightning

Old, Dead, Rotten trees can pose a serious risk to you and or your property!! Sometimes they just get in the way of your new construction and Other times they are just a plain eye sore....Whatever your problem is, Hire Elite for tree clearing and removing Stumps and other vegetation!!!..... Here are some pictures of large stumps and roots that were excavated and removed.....

Large Stumps that needed to be removed!!

two large pine tree stumps
Two large pines 30" Diameter Trunks!!
stump removal houston
large stump excavated 2
That is ONE of those stumps!!
Large stump excavated
after back fill of stump holes
After Back Fill
stump clearing

Tree Clearing and Removal !!

tree clearing dead pines
Before tree clearing and brush removal
Before Clearing Trees
tree clearing dead trees
after tree clearing and removal
After clearing trees
Tree clearing and stump removal

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