In the Greater Houston Area There is an abundant need for Culvert installation and proper drainage. Without adequate water mitigation it leads to flooding and Mosquito Explosions which can cause havoc within our community and to our property.

Whether your project consists of a driveway for a new home, culvert installation and enclosing the ditch in front of your home for more usable space, water mitigation into a pond or to simply eliminate a drainage problem on your property, Elite Excavation can Help!!

culvert installation for off street parking
Before Parking pad Install
after culvert installation for off street parking
After... Parking Pad with Drain!!

Beware of shady, Cheap contractors who dont know what they are doing!! I cant tell you how many times I have to rip out recently installed culverts. Then replace them with the correct type or Size material because another contractor installed it incorrectly or not to code. There is nothing worse than having to pay for something twice!

Correct Depth and Size are extremely important. As well as, using Stabilized Sand to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your Culvert installation.

I use a Laser to set the correct height to your new culvert and ensure proper drainage.

In Addition, I use a Mini-Excavator and bobcat combo package that gives me a distinct advantage over other contractors. Most use bobcats that cant effectively excavate the ditch out..... This allows me to excavate a nice ditch for the new pipe. Next, Set the pipes with the Mini excavator which leads to an extremely efficient install. This allows the process to take very little time and gives the site access back fast.

Installing culvert pipes and back filling ditches can be a GREAT way to provide your property with more Curb Appeal while creating more space. Back filling the ditch in front of your house gives you flat usable lawn all the way to the curb or street. It makes the yard nice and flat so you can mow it easier!! No more mowing the ditch with a weed eater!

Proper drainage also helps with MOSQUITOES!

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Culvert installation !!

before culvert installation for driveway
culvert installation and drainage ditch excavation
Secondary yard entrance for boat trailer
excavated drainage ditch
Excavated the ditch as well as graded out the yard to level it out...
yard grading houston
before culvert installation
No off street Parking Before..
after culvert installation
Parking pad After
concrete and demolition driveway pour twin culverts
before pour culvert and concrete driveway
culvert installation with stabilized sand
single driveway culvert installation
culvert and driveway installation
Concrete and demolition with culvert install
culvert installation Houston with crushed concrete

Drainage Swales!!

hwy ditch before ditch excavation
Hwy Ditch Before Clean Out
after ditch excavation houston
After Ditch Clean Out and Shaping!!
Drainage ditch excavation
Before drainage ditch excavation
Before Ditch Excavation!
after ditch excavation for drainage houston
After Ditch Excavation!! Look at that water flow!
after swale excavation
before grading and ditch excavation
Before Grading and Swales
after grading and drainage ditch excavation on gun range
After Grading and Swales

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